iSpy works on Windows XP, Vista and 7,v3.1.2.0

iSpy works on Windows XP, Vista and 7,v3.1.2.0
active 100%.
Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 (32 bit and 64 bit supported)
Microsoft .Net framework (v3.5 client) - will be installed if required
 Windows media player 9 VCM codecs - will be installed if required
A fast computer, 1Ghz+ recommended
Broadband internet connection (for remote access)

  • Added some more PTZ definition files - TrendNet and Axis

  • Added variable framerate options - you can now detect movement at low framerates and then record at high framerates - this is useful for keeping the memory/ cpu usage of ispy low.

  • Improved FPS code (averages out variable framerates)

  • iSpy now self-repairs installation directories (may fix some reported errors with loading)

  • Added experimental support for PTZ automatic tracking (see the tracking checkbox on the PTZ tab)

  • Added language updates (Brazilian Portuguese - thanks Fernando!)

  • Fixes for culture code (invariant) issues

  • Few other minor bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with automatic youtube uploads

  • Fixed a bug with setting topmost after minimising the form

  • Performance improvement for cameras and microphones when recording

  • Fix for some VLC bugs

  • Fixed a memory leak in VLC code

  • Added a timed reconnect option to VLC sources (Available on the VLC tab on the videosource and audiosource panels)

  • Few other bug fixes and improvements

  • Updates to iSpyServer - Choose your local IP address on the settings tab.

  • Note that this update *may* require you to uninstall iSpy first - if it doesn't work, uninstall iSpy then install it again. Remember to backup any media and configuration data that you want to keep if you uninstall iSpy!

  • iSpy utiliza sus cámaras, cámaras web, cámaras IP y los micrófonos para detectar y registrar el movimiento o sonido. Medios capturados se comprime el video flash o mp4 y streaming de forma segura en la red web y local. iSpy puede ejecutar en varios equipos al mismo tiempo y tiene plena Email, SMS y MMS funciones de alerta y de visualización remota.

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